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About Gríma architects

Gríma architects has been operating since December 2015. The company was founded on the basis of Studio Strik Architects, which started in 2007.

The owner of Gríma architects is Sigríður Ólafsdóttir, who has worked as an architect since 1996.

At Gríma architects, our goal is always that every building site is unique, the needs of customers are different and the purpose of each work is different. All of our works reflect these guiding principles and are therefore very diverse and in many ways different. Nevertheless, all our work has in common that we approach them with diligence and care. They always take into account geographical and historical localities and we work closely with clients from beginning to end with the goal of meeting their expectations in every way. Most of our work is done according to BIM methodology, sustainability is an integral part of our design and we know the BREEAM environmental certification system well.


We have extensive experience in designing all kinds of structures and in the making of planning proposals.

In the past 22 years we have designed kindergartens, elementary schools, colleges, swimming pools, sports centers, nursing homes, offices, shops, spas, cultural centers, service centers, apartments, villas, hotels, urban spaces, gardens and controlled renovation and alterations to old buildings, we made planning proposals and participated in forums/conferences in Iceland and abroad.

Key projects in chronological order

2020                       Holtasmári 1 – interior design in a dental clinic

2019-2021              Outdoor stage in Álafosskvos in Mosfellsbær

2019-2020              Tangabryggja 1 - Apartment building for Bjarg housing foundation in collaboration with A2F arkitektar

2019-2021              Hvítárbraut 31c in Vaðnes - Country villa

2019-2020              Hraunteigur á Mýrum - Country villa

2019                       Nursing home in Höfn in Hornafjörður – proposal in a design competition            

2018-2019              Borgartún 20 – interior design and renovations

2018-2019              Hvanneyrarbraut 28 in Siglujfjörður - transformation on an old preserved house and an extension

2018-2019              Grettisgata 41 – transformation on an old preserved house and an extension

2018-                      Madla Stavanger – A shopping and service building in collaboration with Tendra (ca. 12.600m2)

2018-                      Árskógar 5-7 – Apartment building for Búseti (5.400 m2) design manager

2018-                      Bitra – Hotel and service center (8.500m2)

2018-2019              Lækjarskóli í Hafnarfirði – elementary school and gymnasium (8000m2 )

2018-2019              Grensásvegur 22-26 – Transformating apartments/offices into a guest house (ca. 1000m2)

2018                       Multi-use sports center in Garðabær – proposal in design competition (16.000 m2)

2018                       Landsbankinn headquarters – proposal in design competition (15.000 m2)

2018-2019              Heimatún 2 in Fljótshlíð – country villa

2018-2019              Bakkabyggð 2 in Ólafsfjörður – villa

2017-2019              Álfhella 4 in Hafnarfirði – industrial building (2.000m2)

2017-2019              Skógarvegur 16 in Reykjavík  – apartment building for Búseti (4000m2)               

2017-2019              Sólgarðar in Fljót – changing an old school building into a country hotel (400m2)

2016-2020              Vesturgata 30 í Reykjavík. – land use plan, new apartments and renovations on historical houses (800m2)

2016-2019              Furugrund 3 in Kópavogur – transforming a shop into apartments and commercial units (1.650m2)

2013-2018              Smiðjuholt in Reykjavík  – 204 apartments for Búseti (32.000m2)

2016-2019              Álmakór 4 í Kópavogi – villa

2016-2018              Vesturbrúnir 6 í Grímsnesi – country villa

2016-2018              Sæbólsbraut 34 í Kópavogi – villa

2016                       Pedestrian bridge over Arnarnesvegur

2013-2016              Laugarnesvegur 56 in Reykjavík – Apartments for Búseti (430m2)

2012                       Hraunbrekkur 31 Húsafelli – country villa

2011-2016              Grjóthólsbraut Grímsnesi – country villa

2010-2014              Hulduhlið in Eskifjörður – nursing home (1500m2)

2008-2012              Heiðarskóli í Hvalfjarðarsveit – elementary school (1.500m2)

2009-2010              Rjúpnabraut í Útlhíð – country villa

2008-2015              Power station for OR and Landsnet in Akranes   

2008                       Þríhnúkagígur – proposals for access facilities

2005-2012              Laugarvatn Fontana – spa, pool and service building (800m2)

2005-2008              Fjölbrautaskólinn við Ármúla – extension (4.000m2)

2005-2009              Cults Academy, Aberdeen Scotland– high school (18.750m2)

2008                       Preschool at Austurkór í Kópavogi – proposal in design competition

2007-2012              Stórakur 1 í Garðabæð - villa

2007-2008              Hlíðarás 4 í Hafnarfirði - villa

2004-2007              Reykjavíkurvegur 74 in Hafnarfirði - Office building

2004-2006              High schools in Borders, Scotland– proposals in tenders

2002-2003              Elementary schools and high schools in Angus, Scotland - proposal in a private project

2000-2005              Lækjarskóli í Hafnarfirði – elementary school and gymnasium (8.000m2)

2000-2002              Hörðuvellir – preschool in Hafnarfjörður


2018         Smiðjuholt – nominated for a Nordic suistainabiliy award

2018         Multi-use gymnaisum in Garðabær, proposal / highest design score

2018         Landsbankinn's new headquarters / chosen to participate in a closed design competition in collaboration with A2F arkitektar and Kreatíva design studio           

2010         Nursing home in Eskifjörður / 2. prize (selected to be built)

2008         Sports center HK in Fagralundur, proposal/ highest design score

2005         Cults Academy, Aberdeen Scotland/ 1. prize

2005         FÁ extension in collaboration with Tendra and Á stofunni arkitektar / 1. prize

2004         Preschool and extension to the Laugarvatn elementary school / 1. prize

2003         Spa in Laugarvatn (Laugarvatn Fontana) / 1. prize

2000         Lækjarskóli, elementary school and sports center /swimming pool / 1. prize.

2000         Hörðurvellir  preschool / 1. prize

1998         Children's Hospital Iceland / noteworthy proposal

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